Five Game Changers In Flower Delivery That You Need To Know About


Whether you order flowers once a year or every week, seeing the same old bouquets can get tiresome. Clever florists, however, are taking flower delivery creativity to new levels. Read on to learn about five game changers in the floral world that you can capitalize on today. Floral Delivery Apps If you've ever been on an airplane or stuck in a meeting and remembered a big occasion too late, a floral delivery app for your mobile device might have saved you.

8 October 2015

How To Make An Illuminated Bouquet


One way to enhance the beauty of your bouquet is to add lights to it. Here's how you can achieve this look. 1. Take a Trip to the Craft Store First, you are going to need to go to the craft store to purchase spherical Christmas ornaments or other spherical decorations, florist tape and wire, battery operated LED lights that have approximately ten on a string, and bead sticks. Make sure that your spherical ornaments match the color of the flowers that you are planning on using.

2 September 2015