Finding a Fantastic Florist

After I got engaged many years ago, I came to the realization that I needed a florist and had no idea what to look for. I've since had many occasions in which I had to higher a florist to provide flowers to beautify a particular special occasion. Having a florist with a flair for style and aesthetics can really set the ambiance at your event apart from the rest. There are all sorts of options to be familiar with when you hire a florist or when you need to buy flowers from one. Hopefully this blog will help make those decisions a little easier.

5 Creative Ways To Use Rose Petals In Your Wedding


If you really like rose petals, here are five creative ways you can incorporate them into your wedding decorations.

#1 Candle Accents

Roses make great accents to candles. If you plan on putting candles in different size holders on your tables at your reception and lightening the candles to create just the right ambiance, soften the feeling by spreading around soft white rose petals. Put the petals in between all the candle holders. The white petals will create a warm ambiance and will make your table decorations look more elegant. 

#2 Create Rose Petal Garlands

Using a string and clear thread, put the rose petals onto the string. You can then turn the threads of rose petals into garlands. You can tie the garlands off and give out rose-petal leis to your guests. You can hang the garlands from the ceiling or behind where you will be getting married to create the perfect backdrop. 

#3 Wedding Cake

To make your wedding cake look even more special, you can have your baker decorate your cake with rose petals. They can use individual rose petals around each tier to define them. Your baker can even use different shades to create a pattern on your wedding cake. The top of your wedding cake can be topped off with some whole roses instead of just petals. 

#4 Rose Petal Confetti

After you and your spouse say "I do" and walk down the isle together, you can make the experience a little more fun and celebratory by throwing rose petals like confetti. It will create some beautiful pictures and memories.

You can also hand out rose petals to throw like confetti for when you and your spouse leave your wedding reception and head off as a married couple for the first time. 

You can also use rose petals in floating candle displays. You can put low, shallow bowls on your tables and fill them with floating candles and rose petals. Rose petals float in water and also have an oily surface, which allows any water that falls on them to bead up. Rose petals with floating candles can create a very romantic centerpiece for your tables. 

 #5 On Your Hotel Bed 

The last place you should put rose petals is in your hotel room on your bed. Have a friend go over to your hotel room where you will be staying on your wedding right, and create a heart pattern on your bed. Have them also spread rose petals throughout the room to create a romantic ambiance for your and your new spouse at the end of your special day. 

For more information, contact From The Heart Flower Boutique or a similar company.


7 April 2016