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5 Creative Ways To Use Rose Petals In Your Wedding

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If you really like rose petals, here are five creative ways you can incorporate them into your wedding decorations. #1 Candle Accents Roses make great accents to candles. If you plan on putting candles in different size holders on your tables at your reception and lightening the candles to create just the right ambiance, soften the feeling by spreading around soft white rose petals. Put the petals in between all the candle holders. The white petals will create a warm ambiance and will make your table decorations look more elegant.  #2 Create Rose Petal Garlands Using a string and clear thread, put the rose petals onto the string. You can then turn the threads of rose petals into garlands. You can tie the garlands off and give out rose-petal leis to your guests. You can hang the garlands from the ceiling or behind where you will be getting married to create the perfect backdrop.  #3 Wedding Cake To make your wedding cake look even more special, you can have your baker decorate your cake with rose petals. They can use individual rose petals around each tier to define them. Your baker can even use different shades to create a pattern on your wedding cake. The top of your wedding cake can be topped off with some whole roses instead of just petals.  #4 Rose Petal Confetti After you and your spouse say “I do” and walk down the isle together, you can make the experience a little more fun and celebratory by throwing rose petals like confetti. It will create some beautiful pictures and memories. You can also hand out rose petals to throw like confetti for when you and your spouse leave your wedding reception and head off as a married couple for the first time.  You can also use rose petals in floating candle displays. You can put low, shallow bowls on your tables and fill them with floating candles and rose petals. Rose petals float in water and also have an oily surface, which allows any water that falls on them to bead up. Rose petals with floating candles can create a very romantic centerpiece for your tables.   #5 On Your Hotel Bed  The last place you should put rose petals is in your hotel room on your bed. Have a friend go over to your hotel room where you will be staying on your wedding right, and create a heart pattern on your bed. Have them also spread rose petals throughout the room to create a romantic ambiance for your and your new spouse at the end of your special day.  For more information, contact From The Heart Flower Boutique or a similar...

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Five Game Changers In Flower Delivery That You Need To Know About

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Whether you order flowers once a year or every week, seeing the same old bouquets can get tiresome. Clever florists, however, are taking flower delivery creativity to new levels. Read on to learn about five game changers in the floral world that you can capitalize on today. Floral Delivery Apps If you’ve ever been on an airplane or stuck in a meeting and remembered a big occasion too late, a floral delivery app for your mobile device might have saved you. These apps are particularly helpful for regular floral customers, such as event planners, office managers, and restaurant owners, but if you like to send flowers frequently, you can get in on this trend. Floral delivery apps make it super easy to send flowers with a few clicks. Your information is already stored in their system, and you get notifications of specials too. Some services offer extras as well, like cookies and other delectables, and these apps promise top priority delivery for their regular clients. Bespoke Bouquets For once-in-a-lifetime occasions or to impress business associates, you may want to go above and beyond the regular bouquets you see from many florists. Some flower shops are now offering bespoke bouquets, so you no longer have to select from everyday, preordained arrangements, and you can custom select all the elements with a florist to guide you. These are high-end designs, guaranteed to wow even the most sophisticated recipient. Locally Sourced Flowers For a more eco-friendly and community supportive alternative to floral delivery, consider using locally sourced flowers. These come from area farms near you, so their carbon footprint is lighter than that of flowers shipped from across the continent, and you are affecting the income for area businesses, not big multinational conglomerates. Like those community supported agriculture vegetable boxes, where you never know what you’re going to get, locally sourced flowers can be much the same way. Your florist selects your blooms with a few parameters from you, and your recipient is sent a gorgeous, unique arrangement. Because the flowers are local, some are even delivered by bike, so they arrive fresher than if they’d been sitting in a truck all day after a long plane ride. Novelty Arrangements If you want to include items besides flowers and greenery in your bouquets, novelty arrangements may appeal to you. These bouquets allow you to include fun elements, like seashells or feathers, and they are often displayed in creative containers, such as mason jars or burlap wrapping. They go beyond just adding balloons or teddy bears. For true artistry and innovation in your floral design, try a novelty arrangement. Clever Packaging One of the biggest headaches when you receive flowers away from home, like at the hospital or office, is getting them home safely. Clever florists today have come up with a host of more travel-friendly packaging designs. Some look like lovely vintage hat boxes, while others are long cardboard cases with flat, stable bottoms and handles at the top. Your recipient will be able to take their floral gift wherever they like with this type of container. The next time you order flowers, try one of these new additions to the floral industry. You may enjoy the experience so much you send yourself flowers too! Contact a company like Ciano Florist to get...

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How To Make An Illuminated Bouquet

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One way to enhance the beauty of your bouquet is to add lights to it. Here’s how you can achieve this look. 1. Take a Trip to the Craft Store First, you are going to need to go to the craft store to purchase spherical Christmas ornaments or other spherical decorations, florist tape and wire, battery operated LED lights that have approximately ten on a string, and bead sticks. Make sure that your spherical ornaments match the color of the flowers that you are planning on using. You will also need a foam base where you can assemble the flowers, spheres, and lights. 2. Get the Spheres Ready Next, get the spheres ready by cutting four inches of wire, bending the wire in half, and inserting it into the head of each ornament or decoration. Use glue to cement the wires to the tops and wait for the glue to dry entirely. Experiment with placing the bulbs in your bouquet to see how many spheres you are going to need to make sure that you have a good mix of flowers and decorations. 3. Add the Lights Take your bead sticks and wrap the lights around them, so that approximately three to five lights are on each stick. You will need the same number of lighted sticks as you have spheres. If you multiple strings of lights, take the battery packs and stack them on top of each other so that they are easier to hide. You might want to consider taping the battery packs together if you can still access each switch when they are stacked. 4. Assemble the Bouquet Take your foam base and start placing the flowers in first. Stick your entire bouquet into the base so that the top two thirds of the base is entirely covered and the bouquet fans out in a way that is aesthetically pleasing for you. Use a vase to make sure that you get the shape correct. Next, add the light sticks. Try to distribute them as evenly as possible in order to make sure that the light goes all the way through your bouquet. Once all of the sticks have been added, move the base up and place the battery packs beneath it in the vase. Then, replace the base. Finally, use the wire at the end of the spheres to tie each of the spheres onto a light stick.  For more information about adding light to your bouquet, talk to a florist like Joanna’s...

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